In My Dreams


Dreams are very real, and they do matter. They are YOU (at some point in time) experiencing a reality that exists in your slumber. A dream is a story. Every action, every thought, and every experience of the story being told is 100% dictated by feelings. This means that you are shamelessly (and not foolishly) 100% truthful to the world and to yourself in this reality. You are 100% connected and aware.


In this way, dreams can be thought of as answers without questions – a story. A story that has been forced into your mind without your consent, and there’s nothing you can do about that. I have found dreams to be extremely helpful when identifying problems within myself in order to identify who I am to myself and who I would like to be. They help me to realize things about myself that I may not have been aware of before the dreams. These stories help me fix what I may not have noticed was broken. They help me help myself to be better tomorrow than I am today.

Example: The Passive Dreamstate

When I record my dreams, I note the state of mind I was in while in the dream. This signifies the level of consciousness I was in. Basically, it is a measure of the level of awareness i experienced. The following is a description of my passive dreamstate. In passive mode, I am not in control of my actions, but I have control of my mind. I (my mind) am fully aware that what I’m experiencing does not make any sense, yet I accept what is happening and react to it accordingly. I react to this nonsense reality as if it has been this way my entire life and as if everything is completely normal. (unconscious reaction/no control) I am accepting a reality that I don’t believe in. My actions and beliefs do not align. As if something has taken control and all I can do is watch this story like a movie. I am consciously (aware) reacting to a reality that I disagree with.

images (2)

Examples: Breathing under water, walking through walls, flying, or being a different person/character, etc. My mind is there, but the control of my ‘body’ is not.

I believe that the passive dreamstate is driven by irrational fear. The type of fear where I give up before I try because I think I might fail at something. It’s an irrational fear of losing. It’s a fear of stating the truth and creating an unwinnable argument. It’s a fear of losing and being wrong. In the passive dreamstate, I’m afraid of attempting to prove reality false, so I don’t even try because I think to myself, “What if I’m wrong. That would make me insane.” I (my mind) am just along for the ride. This is my problem in these types of dreams. When I have these dreams, this is a broken part of me. I feel like I (my mind) might be wrong. I don’t challenge reality because I feel like I (my mind) might not belong. This is my assessment of this type of dream state.


This is only one of many examples of how dreams help me identify problems in my life that I can work on. I didn’t notice that I felt this way about myself until I studied why I would react to my reality the way that I did. Since then, I have become much happier by engaging in reality and not passively observing. I challenge people, and I challenge the world around me day-to-day. Almost like a dare to take me on. Most importantly, I challenge myself to engage. Life is much more interesting and fulfilling when you are part of it.


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