Chapter 2: Milly’s Dad

Maiten always gave great words of wisdom when he and Millaray would spend time together. On this day, they traveled to the market in town where she could sell her merchandise that she collected and created. On their trek, they would usually have a lesson with her father’s understandings on the world. A lesson on wisdom and the search for the ultimate treasure known as knowledge. Little Milly’s little eyes, big ears, and huge imagination were wide open and ready to absorb any and all information during these lessons. Her father was a man of few words, but powerful words when he did speak.

After walking a while in silence, she asked Maiten, “Dad, are we going to have a lesson today?” He saw that her mind was open, but he asked anyways, “Are you ready for one?” “I’m ready!” He rolled right into the topic he has always wanted her to understand. “Being happy means having everything you ever wanted. Do you know what that means for you? What do you want, Milly?” Maiten would ask these questions as an exercise to keep his daughter’s mind active. Milly answered, “I just want to take care of what I have.” With a proud smile he asked her, “Well, what do you have?” Milly thought hard about the answer.

“Um… well… umm… I have you!!” She perked as she peeked up at her father, her hero. “Very good. You do a great job at taking care of your old papa. What else do you have, Millaray? “Uhhm…” She found it hard to think of ideas. Her father helped, “Take a look around.” He pointed slowly in a sweeping half-circle motion. “Trees? Trees! I have trees!” “And what are trees good for? Don’t you have a friend that lives in a tree?” “IZZY!!” She suddenly halted her walk in a sort of panic. “Did you feed Izzy this morning?!? My poor little chipmunk! He must be so hungry. We should go back. I’m sorry i forgot! I was gonna feed him, but Mama asked me to…” Millaray’s father cut off her rambling, “Millaray, focus.” He said in a deep voice that captured her back into the conversation. “I’m still waiting for an answer to my first question.” “Oh yeah, uhmm, trees… are good houses… for animals like Izzy.” “And don’t worry about Izzy; I gave him some peanuts before we left.”


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