Chapter 3: Rich’s Dad

Richard’s father always gave great lessons on wealth. Rich and his dad cooked dinner together every night. At the table, his father would explain his secrets to a rich life. Little Rich’s big eyes, little ears, and huge imagination were wide open and ready to absorb any and all information during these lessons.

“One day you will be rich like me. Being rich means having everything ya ever wanted. REMEMBER THAT, RICHARD! Do you know what that means for you? It means turning your dreams into a reality. You can make that happen with money!” Rich’s dad exclaimed. Richard tried to imagine what he would have if he was rich, but nothing absolutely specific came to mind. In general, he found himself wanting everything. He wanted the world and everything good that he has experienced. He wants more of that. Often times, he would daydream about what many young boys dream about: conquering the monster and saving the princess. He always found happiness in his video games when all of his hard work throughout the game led to the reward of the princess’s favoritism toward her deserving hero.

His father continued on with his lesson, interrupting Rich’s daze of glory. “You want more pokey man cards, ya gotta have money. You want a bigger telescope, ya gotta have money. Ya want an education, you guessed it, you gotta have more money! Ya know, they even sell classes that teach you how to make more money, but you gotta have the dough for that too. So you gotta have money to make money!” He looked down at his son who seemed a little dismayed at this information. “But phooey on all of that nonsense! You know what is way more important?: Knowing what you want and understanding that you must give in order to receive those things that you want. If you want something, and it costs money, then find a way to help someone with their problems, and they will reward you with money for helping them. “How do I get money?” He said with the look of a student that was ready to sign up for one of those classes. “Try thinking about what I just said, and rephrase the question.” “Hmm…” Richard thought for a moment. “Oh, how can I help someone?” “Haha, son! Yes! Exactly the right mindset. You keep that question in your mind every time you want to get paid.” “Don’t you worry your little head. It’s a good thing you got yer ol’ dad to teach you. I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just listen close and pay attention at our meetings.


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