Fakeality is fake reality. It’s the negative side of your imagination. It is made up of lies that we create in our minds. You may have experienced this isolation of the mind. It is when you wander from reality to believe in IRRATIONAL FEARS. It is when you choose to believe these fears as truth. That is Fakeality. These irrational fears can control your decisions in life, and they can hold you back from doing what you want (from being who you are meant to be.) You base your decisions off of a false narrative. This is dangerous because this essentially means you believe in lies with the intention to progress toward your goals. This does not work; there is no progression. You’re stuck working on a problem that doesn’t exist, and you think it’s getting somewhere when in reality, you are missing out on life due to these irrational fears.  I’m not talking about rational fears: the ones that keep you safe from danger and keep you on a path to success. I’m talking about the excuses that keep you from ever trying or working toward a goal at all. You’re in a stalemate with your mind. You never take action because you are too busy thinking about why you shouldn’t take action. I think my most current advice on addressing whether or not you should make an action would be to ask/answer these two questions.

  1. Is my reaction to this circumstance a rational or irrational fear?
  2. Who do I want to be?

So, should you take action? Ask yourself those two questions. Is your action going to be based on a legitimate rational fear, or will it be based on an irrational fear? Ask yourself “Who do I want to be?” as a follow-up. It will set the tone and help you identify yourself as someone who lives in reality or as someone who lives in their own head. REGARDLESS OF WHO I AM NOW, who do I want to be?: I would rather be someone who bases his actions on things that he actually knows rather than on speculation. That is the person I want to be. I want to live in reality and not in fakeality. And I want to pursue any ambition that calls my name.


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