Chapter 4: What Richard Wants

Rich would often dream about his desires in life, and this dream was especially lucid. That’s when Rich saw Her: everything he ever wanted. She was carrying a dream catcher, and caught this dreamer in his slumber. She was perfection, and this was completely unexpected. Before this moment, he had never met Her. So simple, yet so powerful and so beautiful. He knew nothing of Her, but he wanted to know everything about Her. She knew everything about Rich and the way he thinks. She seemed all knowing, wise, and humble. She probably knew him better than he knew himself. All he had to do was realize it, and he would discover that She had been watching his entire life. She was waiting for his consciousness to click and waiting for his awareness to arrive. He suddenly understood that this woman was patiently awaiting this boy to become a man. She wanted him as he wanted her, but she wanted a man, not a boy. Embarrassed for making Her wait so long, he apologized with his eyes. They said, “I’m sorry.” The story of the dream moved forward with no halt in conversation.

Without ever moving her lips, She told him, “I can give you everything you desire.” “Where have you been?” He thought in his head. “Where have I been?” He said out loud to Her. “It’s okay; you’re okay.” She said to him as she reached out to touch his shoulder. This was too much at once for him. Rich turned around to leave, but the Earth stopped at his toes; a straight plummet into a dark pit of nothingness faced him, and he was about to begin his plummet toward his permanent end. Desperately, he attempted to balance himself from falling. He failed and began his eternal fall. She gripped his arm and pulled him into her. She reeled him to safety. He never knew how badly he wanted this. He never knew how badly he wanted the girl of his dreams until he experienced Her and the power she had to keep him safe. He was still petrified from the dark abyss that almost swallowed him. He begged, “Please don’t let go.” “I won’t.” She promised.


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