Chapter 5: What Millaray Wants

Milly would often dream about her desires in life, and this dream was especially lucid. Her desires matched her daily life because she was always content with what she had. Her dreams began with her little chipmunk friend.

“Izzy!” She shouted as she climbed across the rocks by the waterfall. Izzy came down from the pine tree that grows at the base of the falls. He greeted her with golden acorns and said to her, “Here! I got these for you!” She felt appreciated. “Thanks!” She kissed him on his little chipmunk cheek. She watched Izzy’s reaction as he energetically ran around in circles. He quickly stopped, looked at Milly and said, “Follow me!” He darted off across the big rocks on the river’s shoreline. He was headed upriver. Milly followed in the same path that he was leading, but much slower. He swiftly climbed up the cliff next to the waterfall. As she passed by the pine tree, she heard a whistle of its needles. She heard a loud, “Ssvwssszzzsss.” She turned to it and bowed because it demanded her attention, and she was taught to respect that. “Good morning, Pines.” As she passed by the water, she observed a slow-moving mass of leaflets in the water. They waived to her. She stopped and bowed. “Good morning, brooklet.”

She had never actually climbed this waterfall, but it was always a goal of hers. In this dream, she puts her hand through the falls to feel the heartbeat of the earth, and she says, “Please be kind to me as I wander throughout your lands. I am here for you and with you.” She saw that the flow of the current had lightened from a roaring waterfall to a trickle. She began her climb to follow her friend Izzy. It was a simple climb for her. As she arrived at the top of the falls, she felt a gusty wind wisp past her. This too, she bowed to and bid a good morning. She followed a path of golden acorns that lead her through the tall grass back to her village, into her uncle’s hut and out the other side. Then the line of golden acorns led her into her own hut. She noticed a golden flower on her night stand with a note that read, “From Izzy.” And there was Izzy, all cozy in her bed. “Just another day living the dream.” She said to Izzy. This was a typical dream for her, and this was a typical day for her. She joined him in slumber.


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