Chapter 6: Richard’s Awakening

He woke up with a whole new purpose. He now has an idea of what he wants: his dream girl. He wants to be attractive to her. He wants her to want him. “But how?” He pondered in his bed with his sheets over his legs. “I would want her to want me the way I want her. I want to be her hero.” Hmm… He thought about the heros from his video games and why the princess would choose those characters for husbands. “What kind of personalities do they have?” He wondered. “What makes them who they are? They are strong and fearless! They would never back down from a fight, and they protect those they care about. They have superpowers, and they are super smart. Maybe she would want a powerful, wise, and courageous man! That’s what I would want to be. How could you turn down a catch like that?”

He remembers his dad’s advice. “Being rich means having everything ya ever wanted.” It means turning your dreams into a reality.” He works the words out in his head to make sense of it all. “You can make that happen with money.” Rich had his doubts in the words. Uncertain of what his next move should be, he moved anyways because he didn’t like to sit still and watch the day roll by. He decided to go for a walk to clear his mind. This was a good opportunity to explore an area in the nearby hills that he has always wanted to go see.

He got dressed with some nice jean shorts, and an old T-shirt that was nearly at the end of its life. He could hear the fibers of the delicate fabric stretching and snapping as he slid the narrow collar around his wide head. This was always his “last resort” shirt, but today was a day of last resort; all of his other shirts were dirty from a week’s worth of mind-cleansing walks. “Man, I really need to get rid of this thing.” He said out loud. Rich looked up at his new dream catcher and couldn’t help but wonder if it had something to do with the extremely vivid dream he had the night before. It wasn’t like any other dream he had before that one. It was so clear and revealing. Almost prophetic. He left it hanging above his bed in hopes that he could have more dreams like it. He placed his pooch back on top of his toy chest, grabbed his lucky gold coin necklace off of his night stand, laced up his hiking boots, and hit the trails on the southern edge of town.


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