Chapter 7: The Waterfall

It was an amazing place at the top of a waterfall. With awesome natural vibrant features that he had never even imagined, it was like a place out of a fairy tail with multicolored rock walls, birds and bugs of all kinds flying around and many fish in the river that flowed through it all. Rich had stumbled upon a hidden treasure that was uncharted territory and sacred grounds for the Mupache villagers. Rich had never strayed from the trails before because he was always so afraid of what he might run into. After this adventure, he knew that all the best things in life are on the other side of fear. He took in the view after walking up to the edge of the cliff. It was a straight plummet to the valley below where the river is calm. Looking over the edge made him uneasy, and it reminded him of the Roadrunner cartoon where Coyote would always be falling. After probing the area a little, he decided that this is the place he wanted to spend the rest of his day at.

There was so much to see here including a huge waterfall. He noticed a porcupine walking around with black and white quills. He saw the eagles above drifting along the wind currents that kept them afloat. There was tall grass and moss covered trees along the big rock walls that gated this community. Daisies, and dandelions speckled the landscape, and there was a meadow of golden flowers blooming in the center of it all. The raging waterfall nearby was too inviting to ignore, so he walked up to the edge of the falls for a closer look. This tested his fear of heights. Suddenly, “TCHITCHITCH HSSSS!!”

It was one of his greatest fears; It was a snake! It was spooked and slithered right between Rich’s feet. He quickly jumped in the opposite direction of the snake’s path because the feeling of fright was mutual. He hoped to never see a snake again, but he wondered how many others were out there waiting to get stepped on. He cautiously walked back up to the waterfall, and his mind was eased once again by the sound of the flowing falls.


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