Chapter 9: A Terrifying Intersection

Rich neared the edge of the falls, only close enough to see a sliver of the bottom of the canyon. He didn’t want to know how far down it actually was; even thinking about it terrified him. His eyes uncontrollably drifted downward anyway and as they did, he noticed a few rips in his delicate T-shirt. It must’ve gotten beat up while he was chasing Chip through the woods. He wondered where the little guy wandered off to. He slowly turned around to gaze at the view behind him and search the distances for his little friend that brought him here.

Meanwhile, curious Milly decided she wanted to meet this boy. She made her way around the rock to greet him, and he still didn’t notice her. She took Rich’s place on the other side of the rock, where he was originally standing, to view the bottom of the canyon. This didn’t frighten her at all since she had conquered this canyon already. All of a sudden, a “HSSSS” sounded below their feet. “ANOTHER ONE!!” Rich screamed. He became terrified once again, and the feeling for the snake was mutual. The coiled snake struck at Rich’s leg, but he dodged it by lunging backwards and colliding into something that was not there before. While the threat scurried away, Rich spun around, and he felt his hand brush someone’s hair in the air. The immediate reaction was terror once again as he saw his third biggest fear reaching out in desperation. It was a girl, and she needed his help. She shuffled her arms out for something to grab to save herself from the descent that she was plunged into. Her feet were still planted, but her momentum sent her backwards toward a watery grave.

This is when time itself froze. He recognized her. This was the girl from his dream. She saved him from his descent into the darkness in that dream. It was Her. She was his salvation. She was everything he wanted and everything that mattered. She reached out in a final act of desperation to catch herself from falling and felt salvation when she clinged onto his shirt, but the old fibers of the shirt ripped right around his neck and off his back. This moment, suspended in its length, continued.


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