Chapter 10: Millaray’s Melody

“That was Izzy, my chipmunk friend. I’m Milly. What’s your name?” He struggles to speak a response, still terrified of saying something that would scare her away. “What’s wrong? Don’t you talk?” He thought about shaking his head. At least then he could be freed from having to say anything to her all together, but then he quickly remembered why he was on this journey: to be worthy of his dream girl. He was afraid of talking to girls, but what better opportunity to conquer fear than when fear presented itself? He wanted to be courageous, and he knew that courage cannot exist with fear. “My name is Rich.” “I thought your name might be Rich! Only rich people wear money on their necks. Hahaha!” She teased. He grabbed the coin as he stared at it reconciling the truth in that observation. At this moment he realized he was shirtless, and he felt embarrassment for his affluence. “That is a very pretty necklace; I like it.” “Thanks, it’s a lucky coin that I got from my dad. He says it has a story of friendship behind it.”

“Wanna be friends?” Milly asked her new friend. “Okay.” “Awesome! Well, I came up here to look for some rocks to add to my collection. Will you help me find some?” Rich followed her to the riverbanks away from the falls where the river was only ankle deep. She placed her bag on the shore to keep it dry. Milly gave Rich an example of how to hunt for the prettiest rocks, showing him that they shine brightest when the sun pokes out from behind the clouds. He gave it a shot and began collecting. For Rich, the bigger rocks were much more appealing. He wanted to find the huge shiny stones, but Milly found much more detail and aesthetics in the smaller stones. Milly had to instruct him to stop picking out such huge rocks; they only had enough room in the bag for little ones.


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