Chapter 11: Rich’s Epiphany

Rich and Milly spent their entire day at the falls collecting rocks and exploring. Rich began finding other special rocks he knew as gemstones. He found pieces that resembled the ones in his dream catcher, but these were much bigger. They were as large as his hands! He found 3. One piece was a multicolored stone that looked like it had picked up all the colors of all the different gems and swirled them around, the second pieces was a piercing ice blue color, and the third piece looked as if there was a smokey black spirit caught inside of the stone.
He brought them to Milly to show off his best finds of the day. She was ecstatic! “Wow! I can’t believe you found these! This is great! I can’t wait until we tell my uncle!” She immediately urged Rich to join her on the trek back to her village. “We need to go now! This is so exciting!” She wanted Rich to meet her uncle to identify what he had just found and what it means. Rich was confused by her reaction. “Why, what’s up? Did I find a treasure? Are these worth a fortune? Am I rich?” Milly laughed. “Rich, These are worth more than any amount of money could buy.” Rich was doubtful that money couldn’t buy the stones that he had just unearth. He was already planning on showing his dad, so he could sell them. “But, Milly, we don’t have enough room in your bag for these.” “That’s fine. I’ll store what we have so far inside of this stump, and we can come back another day for them. They rinsed off Rich’s crystals in the river and gently placed them in Milly’s pouch. As they headed to Milly’s home village, the Sun set as the Moon rose.
After about a half-mile of walking, they both needed to rest. “Can we take a break? My legs are getting tired.” Said Milly. They stopped in an open field where they gazed at the moon and stars in the twilight. Milly wanted to share an idea that she had about the world, life and things. “Dad says, ‘being happy means having everything you ever wanted.’” Rich’s memory quickly flashed back to his dad’s advice. He heard his father’s voice in his head. “Being rich means having everything ya ever wanted. REMEMBER THAT, RICHARD! You can make that happen with money.”


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