Chapter 12: Nature’s Language

“Now, let us begin with obsidian, the stone of power.” Quidel said. “This crystal is formed in the heart of a volcano where powerful forces of nature forge the environment into molten metals and liquid rock! In its depths, you would find the birthplace of obsidian. Sometimes there is an imbalance in the forces of the world, and that creates pressure. When the mountains are grumbling and active, they need relief from the pressure and imbalance. They will release their magma, and some of that magma will even become airborne when a volcano is extremely out of balance, shooting huge boulders into the sky and spewing lava everywhere! Obsidian forms when the lava flows quickly cool. What is left is a piece of shiny brittle glass like the one you have here.” He lifted the black chunk off of the table and rotated it between his hands. Then he continued with his lecture. They all peered into the obsidian, captured by its details and mystified by its story. “All gemstones capture a certain type of energy during its formation. Obsidian captures the powerful energy of an intense environment that resides within a volcano. The Earth creates stones like these to remind us how powerful Earth is. There is no equal, nor is there competition that comes close to the power found in the forces of nature. There are plenty of people who claim to rule the land around them, but they live their lives in an illusion, not reality. They forget the ground below them is the foundation for which they stand on, and the power that created that ground cannot be claimed. There is no power that could overthrow the power of nature. Lightning, the Sun, the ocean waves, the mountains all around us. We could not build these things, nor could we destroy them. Earth is a powerful being, and it wants us to know. Obsidian is a remnant of the power of nature.” Rich’s big eyes, little ears, and huge imagination honed in. He wanted to know more!


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