Chapter 13: The Guru and the Pupil

Quidel took a moment to admire his newest student’s interest. “I appreciate your focus, Rich. You seem interested in this.” Rich nodded in agreement. “I came here to know more, and I’ll take all I can get! I’m often told that I am a good student at school. Also, I didn’t know anything about obtaining an unbreakable spirit, or wisdom, or opal, and now I really want to know more!” “I can tell you are a great pupil, and any teacher would be lucky to have you in their class.”
Quidel prepared a traditional tea that the Mapuche drink when they spend time with family. The special drink is called maté. He put it over the fire to heat as he told his story. “This is nature’s way of being a guru to its worthy pupils. If you maintain your curiosity throughout your life, you will always be a worthy pupil to the world around you. These gems are all examples of what to be. These stones are lessons that were meant for you. Did you find these stones, young Rich?” The boy nodded. “Or did these stones find you?” Rich looked confused. “Sometimes we are so caught up with our perception of our lives that we don’t consider that we might have it backwards. The ground we walk on is alive, and it seems as though the populations of the world have forgotten this fact. This is not the peoples Earth; we are the Earth’s people. The illusion is you found these stones; the truth is you found each other.”
It was difficult for Rich to try and grasp exactly what Quidel was trying to explain to him. He had never heard anyone talk about the world that way. He had his doubts that the world was a living being, but he was restructuring everything in his mind since the moment he woke up from his dream that morning. He wanted to believe the world was a living being because Quidel’s story is so much more interesting than the ones in Rich’s textbooks. It was a new concept to him, but he left his mind open to studying it.


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