About the Book

The creation of the book happened because I compiled much of my own journaling and thoughts to share with my friend, Laura. I traded my Words for her Thoughts about the world, life, and things. I wanted to write her a story that incorporated some of my Words, so I came up with this book when we made one of our exchanges. I created Rich and Milly to convey some of the ideas that were important to me.

Who are Rich and Milly anyway? Rich and Milly are the names of characters from a story that my mom used to read to my brother and I when we were kids. It’s about wants vs. needs and wisdom vs. wealth. I lost the title of the original story and can’t seem to find it anywhere, but it is not forgotten. I have reconstructed it with my own names, faces, places and plot. Since I have forgotten 90% of the content, the original story is lost, but the allegory of the story lives on! I’ll never forget the importance of the words it contained. Had my mother not been careful with her Words, I would not be who I am today.

I have used many quotes to create this book. In an attempt to give credit to the origin of those quotes, I have linked them to a page where you can find citation information. I do not want to take credit for the art of others, but I do want to share that art.

Thanks for checking out this book, and enjoy the reading!

~Chase L.

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