First Time Podcast Listener?

“Pretty sure there’s a podcast about that.” If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, I would highly recommend it! Start with a topic you are very interested in or a topic you could use some advice on. I understand the whole “I don’t like talk radio” thing, but today’s talk radio isn’t the boring stuff our grandparents tuned into at 5:30pm every day. Here you will find blog posts that describe awesome podcasts that I listen to often.

I really like to listen to content that helps me in some way. I learn a lot of important info in these subjects from some of the best speakers in the world such as Tim Ferris and Ken Coleman. I rarely listen to podcasts for entertainment value. Also, since I’ve somewhat phased out music and phased in podcasts, I’ve had a much greater appreciation for music when I do listen to it. So if you don’t know where to start with podcasts, all you need is a podcast player.

I use and would recommend Stitcher Radio. It is free and has an amazing, easy to use app layout. Just set up a stitcher account, and begin your search for your shows. They will have any subject or show you can think of in this app. If you are an apple listener, then you should be able to find any show you are looking for on Itunes. Below are my recommendations.

Categories and shows:

  • Investigative Discovery
    • Someone Knows Something
    • In the Dark
    • Sword and Scale
  • School
    • The College Checklist
  • Money
    • The Dave Ramsey Show
    • Choose FI
    • Mad Fientist
    • Radical Personal Finance
    • Listen Money Matters
    • FIRE Drill
  • Motivational
    • Tim Ferris
    • Entre Leadership
    • Rise and Grind
  • Science
    • Science Friday
    • Quirk and Quarks
  • Technology
    • This Week In Tech
    • Reply All
  • Misc.
    • The Joe Rogan Experience

I plan on creating a page that will link to my favorite episodes and categorize them according to topics for useful reference.